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Tesla Model Y Is evMag Number 3 Awd / 4Wd Electric Cars Of 2021 In USA

Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is an all-electric crossover SUV that seats up to seven people and has a range of 326 miles. Tesla's Model Y is based on the chassis, interior, and powertrain of the smaller Model 3 that entered production in 2021, adding extra cargo space, optional third-row seating, and SUV styling to the brand's cheaper lineup.

Model Y does not come with larger Falcon Wing ports for Model X crossovers; its interior is mostly carried over from the Long Range model. Like this car, the 2021 Tesla Model Y is largely buttonless and relies primarily on a large infotainment display nestled around a simple dashboard. The huge infotainment screen is landscape-style (rather than portrait), measures 15 inches, and is used to control virtually all Tesla systems, even exterior mirrors.

Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla
Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model X is an SUV-style electric car that seats seven, but it owes a lot of its design to the Model S, especially the interior. Right off the bat, the Tesla has an edge over these cars, as it offers seven seats and a 1,900-liter cargo area with all rear seats folded down.

You pay a little more than a Model 3, and the Model Y's range isn't as great, but it's still a modern electric SUV, and access to the Tesla Supercharger network still gives it a distinct advantage over the competition. . With an EPA-estimated range of 316 miles, the Tesla Model Y easily achieves the second-best result of any electric SUV, surpassed only by the larger Tesla Model X. While around $51 is a significant price jump in terms of Compared to the Model 3, the smaller increase in size - the third-row option - does little damage to the range, the dual-motor is still capable of 316 miles of autonomy on a single charge.

The twin Model Y electric motors are plentiful on board; the base Standard Range model is equipped with rear-wheel drive, but the Long Range and Performance models have all-wheel drive as standard. All-wheel drive is a fairly common layout for electric vehicles, as opposed to models with an internal combustion engine. The Skoda Enyaq iV has a choice of powertrains and trims levels, but all-wheel drive requires the 80x model, which has 262bhp.

Competing with the Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace, the Polestar 2 uses a 78kWh battery to power two electric motors, one for each axle. As a performance car, the Polestar 2 can also compete with more powerful versions of the Tesla Model 3 and Ford Mustang Mach-E. The biggest downsides to the Polestar are price and range. Starting at $51,190 (Tesla is no longer eligible for federal tax credits), the Tesla Model Y is one of the few electric SUVs in the upper-middle class with a range of $51. More power and performance than any similarly priced competitor (and any more expensive competitor except the larger Tesla X).

Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla

While the legendary $35,000 Model 3 is now history, you can still get a Model 3 for less than $40,000, putting Tesla on par with its main rival. The Model 3 was launched in the US in 2016 as an affordable alternative to the Model S, but the price was reduced to make it more affordable. Originally launched in 2012, the Model S helped Tesla establish itself as an automaker. The 2019 Model 3 is still around, and it packs most of what Tesla has learned into a smaller, cheaper model ready to compete with the influx of mid-range EVs from established manufacturers.

On the other hand, Tesla simultaneously cut the price of the twin-motor, all-wheel-drive Model Y by $3,000 to about $51,000. Plus, all of Tesla's signature touches are retained, making the twin-engine the perfect middle ground for Teslarati with people and things. The Tesla Model Y successfully combines the style, lineup, technology, and value of the Model 3 sedan, bringing new features to customers who want the look, space, and capability of an SUV. With the Model S having a huge impact on the market as one of the first purely electric cars, Tesla has become an extremely disruptive company.

The compact SUV segment is the best-selling segment right now and doesn't have many electric models, so it's a key target for Tesla. The Tesla Model X has unique Falcon Wing rear doors (think Back to the Future's Delorean) that, combined with the huge touch screen inside, will make all your kids think you've bought a car from the future. The iX belongs to the category of luxury electric SUVs and its main competitors are the 2021 Audi e-Tron, Jaguar i-Pace, and Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla
Tesla Model Y | Image Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y is an electric compact crossover vehicle from Tesla, Inc. Tesla introduced it in March 2019, [2] began production at its Fremont plant in January 2020 [3] and began deliveries on March 13, 2020. The 2021 Tesla Model Y has a hump shape that provides better cargo volume than many other compact crossovers, though there's still a lot to love when you step inside - if that is, you manage to get past that minimalist, austere layout and lack of conventional art.


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