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Rivian's 2021 electric R1T pick-up truck and R1S SUV prices finally revealed


The electric vehicle startup Rivian, located in Michigan and California, disclosed this week the costs for its anticipated R1S SUV and R1T pick-up truck. The company is preparing to send its electric SUV and truck to customers by summer next year. An Adventure Package for each with integrated off-road improvements included will come first.

The Rivian R1T special edition pick-up truck will cost $75,000, and the Rivian special edition R1S SUV will cost $77,500. Each will have a battery pack with a range of 300 miles. Rivian claims they will be offering a 400-mile range battery pack for the R1T starting January 2022. 

The automaker originally planned on only offering the 300-mile range battery pack for the R1S. However, Rivian plans to issue more information on a longer-range battery pack for its five and seven-person SUV once production starts.

Rivian may even offer a 250-mile range battery pack for the R1T and R1S for a lower-cost at that time. Amazon and Rivian are in partnership to develop an electric delivery service van.

Earlier this year, Rivian's hinted at a mid-range R1T at the cost of $69,000, and similarily a min-range R1S at $72,000. Today Rivian told us that the base model R1T would be at $67,500, and the based model R1S will cost $70,000 — those models would be accessible later after the launch of the special edition versions.

Rivian disclosed its Driver+ system, which comes standard on all vehicle models. Initially, "Rivian Driver+" will operate only on select highways. The Drive+ system will be updated over-the-air, which would increase the functionality and add additional roadways on which to operate it. Rivian Drive+ is a driver assist function and not a self-driving-system. The driver's commands will allow the vehicle to adjust speed, steer, and change lanes automatically. Drivers will still have to keep their attention on traffic and road conditions and not use handheld devices behind the wheel.


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Friday, 03 December 2021